West Africa Pharma Healthcare exhibition launched in Ghana


The West Africa Pharma Healthcare Exhibition that is slated to take place from 27-29 April 2022 in Ghana at the Accra International Conference Centre, has been launched.

The event aimed at bringing stakeholders manufacturers, exporters, importers, hospitals, etc under one umbrella to have discussions and do business.

Thomas James, WAPHC Project Director said the event is in line with the mission of the government and the president to build a robust healthcare system infrastructure in the country that facilitates every stakeholder in the industry and people of the country.

According to him, the exhibition will provide an opportunity for the local manufacturers, hospitals, and importers to have direct interaction with manufacturers from India, Turkey, the USA, Egypt, South Africa, etc.

He urged Ghanaians, and health practitioners to visit the Accra International Conference Centre to part take in the event.

The expo is organised by WEGVORAUS, India based exhibition organisation creating business promotion avenues through a holistic approach to enable and catalyze the growth of business and relations. The expo is organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Ghana, with the support of all key stakeholders organisations and associations in the country like the ghana national chamber, an association of Ghana industries, Ghana Medical Association, African Chamber of Youth Development, Association of Health Service, Administrators of Ghana, Pharmaceutical Importers and Wholesalers Association of Ghana, Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana and others.

The event will bring together over one hundred, manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, hospitals, and influential decision-makers in the West African Region in Ghana, hosting about 100 exhibitors from India, Turkey, the USA, Egypt, Italy, Ghana, and other countries and with over 5000 visitors from Ghana and West Africa.

The event will have seminars and conferences running concurrently for two days of the event, to bring and discuss thoughts ideas innovations, and issues related to the sector to the government ministries, departments, and agencies along with the suggestions and ways forward to discuss and improvise the sectors.

According to Mr. Joe Fifi Yamoah Jr., Executive Secretary of Pharmaceutical Importers and Wholesalers Association of Ghana, this is an opportunity for wholesalers, and manufacturers in the country to partner with foreign manufacturers in order to establish factories in this country.

Adding that when this is done it will reduce the cost involved in the importation of medicines and other medical equipment.

“We import over 70% of medicine into the country, during COVID it wasn’t easy sourcing medicine from partners and manufacturers outside the which made it different for us as an association.

“Though most of our members are working hard to enter into local manufacturing. In 2020 we brought a pharma pack to Dawa Which I believe most of us are aware of. The government of Ghana is supporting this agenda to ensure Ghana becomes a pharmacticuel hub in the sub-region. The role of exporters and manufacturers can never be overlooked.”

Emphasizing that, the program seeks to give the members an opportunity to have a direct discussion with the manufacturers. He lauded wegvorous for bringing such an important exhibition to Ghana during these trying times in the country.

Mr. Abulais Yaro Haruna Pro, Association of Ghana, in his remarks expressed his excitement about the opportunity presented to Ghana to host a pharma and healthcare exhibition

This West African Pharma and Healthcare exhibition is an opportunity for us in Ghana and West Africa to meet and have interaction, and collaboration in areas that deal with our healthcare industry as a sector.

Mr. Frank-Torblu Richard General Secretary, Private Health Facilities Association Ghana commended the organizers for hosting an important exhibition in Ghana, adding that the program was long overdue.