Music concerts that shaped 2021

December 24, 2021
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SINCE THE RETURN of physical concerts, festivals and parties in September, event planners and promoters gathered together to bring back partying vibes for revelers after almost two years without hosting physical shows in the country.

The New Times brings you the most memorable concerts held in 2021, most of them organised by Intore Entertainment, a top event promoter company in Rwanda.

 Trappish concert

On October 30, a group of young upcoming artistes, majority of them from Loud Sound music and Trappish movement, showed what the future for Rwanda’s music industry after thrilling hundreds of revelers at Canal Olympia Rebero.

Organised by Ish Kevin, the concert only feautured the new kids on the block, and yes, they gave the best evening to their fans by performing hits they made during the pandemic.

Mike Kayihura, Kivumbi King, among many others also performed at the show.

 Movember Fest

Headlined by one of the best afro-pop singers on the continent ‘Adekunle Gold’, Movember Fest brought back the partying vibe of Kigali that many last tested 2 years ago.

The show which was the first headlined by an international artiste since the reopening of concerts, saw hundreds of music lovers gathered at Canal Olympia vibing songs like ‘Pretty Girl’, ‘AG Baby’, ‘Sinner’ among many others produced by Adekunle Gold.

Former Tusker Project Fame contestant, Gabiro Guitar and Kenny Sol also put their hands together to make the concert a success.

10 Years of Bruce Melodie

Bruce Itahiwacu best known as Bruce Melodie is one of the best musicians that Rwanda has at the moment when it comes to vocals, commercial deals, high streams and hits.

On November 6,  Bruce Melodie celebrated his first decade in the industry with a concert dubbed ‘10 years of Bruce Melodie’, which attracted thousands at Kigali Arena.

This concert which also featured other local artistes such as Niyo Bosco, Papa Cyangwe, Christopher among many others, was one of this year’s social calendar events that proved that Rwandan music is going places.

Kigali Fiesta

On November 13, thousands of revelers gathered at Kigali Arena to watch the renowned afro-beat star Omah Lay perform live for the first time in Rwanda.

The ‘Godly’ hit maker’s concert saw tickets sold out a day to the show, and from the moment he hit the stage, he was showered with love by his fans until the end of the show.

The concert got more interesting when local artistes like Bushali, Davis D and Ish Kevin also hit the stage to perform some of their  hit songs that have been taking Kigali by storm.

All-star game

It was crazy inside the gigantic Kigali Arena, as Nigerian Afro star Rema brought down good vibes at the all-star game that took place on November 20.

Born Divine Ikubor, Rema together with his DJ London made the whole Kigali Arena move by performing songs like ‘Dumebi,’ ‘Corny,’ ‘Bounce,’ ‘Ginger Me’ among many others.

Rema’s performance will go down as one of the best attended and hyped music shows Kigali has seen since the reopening of concerts, and by far the most energetic live stage that Kigali saw since the outbreak of covid-19. 

Fantasy Music Concert

The Fantasy Music concert was the first show in many that are going to be organised regularly by a top music band dubbed ‘Symphony’.

Headlined by Ric Hassani, the show brought purely vibes to Kigalians who attended it at Kigali Convention Centre, and left them craving for more time to party.

Ric Hassani performed alongside local artistes such as Mike Kayihura, Confy among many others.

 Koffi Olomide concert in Kigali

Being considered one of the most gifted musicians on the continent, Koffi Olomide’s live performance in Rwanda this year is rated as one of the best of 2021.

Despite the criticism he faced before the show came to life, the rhumba maestro gave his fans a night to remember through performing live some of his renowned tracks such as ‘Selfie’, ‘Effrakatta’, ‘Papa Ngwasuma’ among many others.

Koffi’s concert also featured Rwandan top musicians like King James and Buravan.

Source: newtimes