Moroccan-French Businessman gives One Million Euros to Employees as remittance

December 24, 2021
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Rabat – On December 17, Moroccan-French businessman Othman Ktiri distributed a million euros (MAD 10 million) to his employees as a reward for what he described as a “historic year” for OK Mobility Group, local media reported.

In a video shared on his Facebook, Ktiri held a meeting with the company’s staff at the Son Moix stadium where he announced his Christmas gift to them. Other employees attended the celebration via live streaming.

Those who were present in person participated in a raffle where they discovered that all the numbers were winners, according to the Spanish news outlet Diario de Mallorca.

Many described the owner of Mallorca-based OK Mobility as the real Santa Claus since the surprise event took place around Christmas.

“This is my way of thanking you for your commitment, dedication and, above all, your loyalty. Enjoy it a lot and Merry Christmas,” the businessman said, adding that it had been the happiest day of his professional life.

The automotive entrepreneur stressed that he had been preparing the surprise for three months “with great enthusiasm, emotion and in secret to celebrate a historic year for OK [company].”

Ktiri stressed, “I had been preparing this gift with great enthusiasm, emotion and in total secrecy for three months to celebrate a historic year for OK! A year in which everyone’s work, involvement, and dedication have allowed us to improve our pre-pandemic results.”

“Jumps, hugs, tears, and above all, a lot of joy! Seeing the OKTeam family in front of me so happy and cheerful has undoubtedly caused that I have been and I am still the happiest person of all!” he concluded his speech.

Born to a Moroccan father and French mother in 1979, the Casablanca native pursued his higher education in France before moving to Palma, Spain, to begin his professional career in the automobile sector.

Ktiri is the founder and executive director of OK Group, a multidisciplinary business specializing in transport and tourism with over 30 offices across Europe.

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