Lynn Pauline: I have returned a gift sent to me by a man

January 3, 2022
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Lynn Pauline Waithera describes herself as an Online Content Creator, commercial model and fashionista.   

 1. Modeling is not limited to posts and beauty. As much as looking good and being fashionable is key, what really matters is what we as commercial models give back to society and the impact we bring.

 2. When I started out creating content, I wanted to do it differently. My intention was to do it with my lover. I pictured us as a Content creator couple. I wanted to entertain my audience and show them that young relationships do actually work. Unfortunately I did bit more than I could chew because it didn’t turn out that way. My relationship crumbled and I had to start all over again.   

3. Starting all over again has not been easy I must say. I have faced many challenges, as the content was dependent on my relationship, which unfortunately ended.

4. What I learnt when my relationship hit a snag is that, sometimes love alone is not enough. Partners need to constantly inspire each other to attain their goals in life and in the case where the goals do not align, following different paths isn’t a bad idea either.

 5. But I must say my previous relationship was very sweet and full of love right from the beginning, but as time went by, we realised that we were incompatible. Oh! Boy what a lesson.

6. I have never faked on Instagram that’s why even when my relationship ended I never hid. I’m always real because I’m looking forward to inspiring those who take me as their role model. Also you can never fake for too long without being discovered.

 7. I have returned a gift sent to me by a man. There was this guy, who was hitting on me. He sent me a Cheque gift worth millions. I returned it because he was a married man and I knew the repercussions.

8. I have never regretted saying no to a dudes’ advances because I always take enough notes to make a firm decision before responding.

 9. When feeling lonely, I listen to music, read articles or books or watch movies to help uplift my spirits. At times I invite friends over for a chill and chat just to have a little bit of distraction.

 10. The life experience I missed out on, was having a dad in my life. While at school I used to see kids visited by their fathers. I admired the daddy-daughter relationship. My parents parted when I was one year old.

11. A weakness that has hurt me so bad is being so kind and too nice with people. In the society we live in now, I realized being nice is not a guarantee that people will reciprocate that energy back.

12.  A scandal that happened in my neighbourhood that still shocks me was the killing of a Nigerian guy with a fellow Nigerian who was released a few days later after he was arrested. The thing is, the deceased was taken to the city mortuary and no one ever came around to look for the body. His folks back in Nigeria believe that he is hustling in Kenya.

 13. The most awkward social situation I ever found myself in was at a local club in Machakos. I was there for the good vibe until some ‘wababaz’ got drunk and started twerking and holding each other from behind. I felt embarrassed.