Ghana: Posterity won’t forgive us – Eddie Nartey on movie industry rebranding

December 13, 2021
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Ghanaian actor, director and film producer, Eddie Nartey has questioned the relevance of the rebranding of the Ghana Film Authority to Black Star Films by the National Film Authority.

Following the announcement of the change of name, some industry players have expressed disappointment and reiterated that the change of name is not a priority. 

 Industry players also raised concerns that there are more pressing issues in the industry to be paid attention to rather than rebranding the sector.

Eddie Nartey seems to be one of those unhappy with the rebranding as he expressed his disappointment in the rebranding of the film industry and stated that it will not benefit any filmmaker.

“With all the problems we have confronting the movie industry, is changing the name the most important? Posterity won’t forgive us if we sit idle and watch this mistake happen. So Ya all that sat in as committee members didn’t know about black star film festival? What. Shame,” he said.

He further recommended that investors should be brought in to support local film makers and help build the cinemas to grow the industry to make it more appealing to more investors. 

“Bring on investors that will support local filmmakers and help build cinemas so that we will be able to showcase our films to Ghanaians nationwide not only Silverbird. Let’s learn from the Nigerians. Changing its name will not be of benefit to any film maker. We can do better,” he said.

“We have real problems. You make a film, do 1 month publicity & you can only screen it at Silverbird Accra.?

“You have to rent hotels in other regions before you can screen it there. In fact you have to do a whole new publicity for that.”

The actor added that “Let’s not turn a blind eye to the core probs.”

Source: 3news