Black Sherif is currently Ghana’s major music bridge to Nigeria – Techprenuer


Black Sherif has for the past few days been the talk of town in the whole of West Africa if not Africa in general after the release of his current song, “Kwaku The Traveller” which became Ghana’s first song to gain the no1 spot on the Nigeria Apple Music chart.

Black sheriff had already made a giant step earlier after he featured Burna Boy on the remix of his previous global hit, Second Sermon.

In a recent interview on Gh Articles Tv, Mr. Isaac Quarcoo who is a Ghanaian song writer and Techpreneur said, “I know there’s been many greats before Black Sherif who have done marvelous jobs individually to build that solid bridge between the Ghanaian music market and the Nigerian market but I believe that, for the next few years at least 5, Black Sherif would be the major bridge between these two sister countries.”

Techprenuer Isaac Quarcoo

Ishew Charway who hosted Mr. Isaac Quarcoo on the ‘What Dey Go On Show’ challenged his stance because according to him, Black Sherif is still very young and must at least face the industry turbulence for a while before being crowned king but Mr. Isaac argued that, “The times where certain standards were used to mark relevance and longevity are over, music has evolved so has everyone, one way or the other moved along with it. Therefore, we can’t mark how long he will stay by his number of songs or how long he has been here. Let’s learn to see potential ahead and build people to fit into those places. Imagine every big artist in Ghana is helping raise one major seed like Black Sherif, do you think our industry will be here in the next 5 years? The bigger picture is what is important.”