11-year-old Nigerian boy subjected to sexual abuse in school


Today, we learned about the harrowing story of an 11-year-old Nigerian boy who was a JS1 student of Deeper Life High School in Nigeria.

His woes began when it was discovered that he wets the bed at night.

The innocent boy was reportedly starved by teachers as punishment for bedwetting.

The school’s principal took the punishment a step further by moving him from the JS1 hostel to the SS2 hostel.

While the boy was in the SS2 hostel, he was reportedly severely molested and raped by his seniors.

According to accounts from the boy’s mother, Deborah Okezie, they would make him take off his underwear and then they would insert their fingers, toes, fists and whatsoever pleased them into his private parts.

This child was brutally sodomized by his seniors and they reportedly threatened to kill him if he ever told anybody.

Even the teachers who starved him for bedwetting also reportedly threatened to make life miserable for him if he ever told his parents that he was starved.

According to reports, when the boy’s mum came to the school to take him they were reluctant to release him to her.

The case is currently court and the management of the school are reportedly begging for the case to be withdrawn from the court.

This plea is one of the classic reasons why we still have rape culture in parts of Africa.

Preventing abusers to be punished by the law and in essence requiring the victim to forgive and forget the abuse is preventing victims from coming out to share their stories and calling out their abusers.

Source: Kuulpeeps