Zambia: We are not selling Kabwata’s Mapoloto area


Euphoria and a sense of satisfaction is what characterised President Hakainde Hichilema’s tour of Chilenje’s Mapoloto area of Kabwata Constituency Monday afternoon.

And President Hichilema says the era of violence came to an end when the past regime was voted out of public office last August.

He was in the area to drum up support for the ruling UPND candidate, Andrew Tayengwa ahead of the highly anticipated February 3rd parliamentary polls.

Recently, PF’s Raphael Nakacinda and Bowman Lusambo madeclaims that the New Dawn Administration had secretly earmarked Mapoloto area for demolition to pave way for a shopping mall.

Whilst there, President Hichilema reassuringly told Chilenje residents residents who had gathered at Maopoloto grounds that insinuations by Mr Nakacinda that Mapoloto had been sold were unfounded and baseless.

And at Chilenje Market, traders whistled and ulated and chanted UPND slogans while both children and the old alike went into a frenzy shouting ‘Bally! Bally!’ much to the delight of the residents of Chilenje who had come out of their homes to witness the ordeal.

And commenting on the state of the road network in Chilenje, Mr Hichilema stressed that the UPND-led Government would ensure that the poor drainage system in Kabwata was a thing of the past.

He has since challenged Mr Tayengwa to ensure that he addresses the plight of the electorate, whom he said where the bosses as they chose who represented them in decision making.