Zambia: UPND’s Free Education policy is a scandal and total disaster-Nakacinda


Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee in charge of information and publicity Raphael Nakacinda has said that the UPND’S free education policy is a scandal and total disaster.

Addressing journalists in Lusaka today, Mr. Nakachinda said President Hichilema and his team should be ashamed to say they are implementing a free education policy.

Mr. Nakacinda said teachers and school administrators have stressed because of the hot potato was thrown on their laps in the name of free education.

“Their lies have been exposed. Most parents diverted the money meant for school fees to other needy areas, especially with the disastrous agriculture season that has been mismanaged by the UPND in terms of FISP and other requirements,” Mr. Nakacinda said.

“Most parents are shocked that they are going to schools and finding that they need to pay a number of fees including the mandatory buying of uniforms from the respective schools because schools now have to find avenues of raising funds for operations. The government has not released enough funds and are now directing parents and teachers to the CDF as a mean through which to implement the free education policy.

And Mr. Nakacinda said instead of traveling to South Africa to launch a book written by his friend, President Hichilema should have stayed in the country to ensure that the free education policy is implemented successfully.

“The UPND’S free education policy is a disaster and a scandal. President Hichilema and all those responsible should be ashamed to say they are implementing the free education policy,” Mr. Nakacinda said.