Why SA’s KeyTec thinks it is a gamechanger in the vehicle telematics space


South African startup KeyTec describes itself as a “one-stop shop for video telematics and vehicle data”, providing smart solutions for companies of all sizes.

Formed just over a year ago after founder Michael Roberts spotted a real need related to maintaining and supporting assets and vehicles in the field, and the frustration of always reacting to an event, breakdown or issue, KeyTec aims to “put data to work”.

“Our approach is based on the premise that all assets have sufficient data to predict and improve maintenance and services across all variables, including the human element,” Roberts told Disrupt Africa.

KeyTec leverages the latest advances in telematics data and data insights in a bid to turn a company’s asset and vehicle data into a value proposition that makes their business visible, optimised and profitable. 

“KeyTec partners with its clients using the latest technology to enable them to derive value from telemetry data. This approach moves the mindset from a cost base and reactive model, to a value add and profit line with a proactive engagement approach,” Roberts said. 

Quite the gamechanger in a space where telemetry has been sold to-date as a “track and trace”, or for recovery from theft. 

“Traditional GPS services answered the questions of “when?” and “where?”, our vision is to answer the questions on “what?” and “how?”. The real value sits in the data and inferred information,” said Roberts.

Bootstrapped right now, KeyTec is seeking funding for an aggregated platform to accommodate all OEM providers. Nonetheless, Roberts reports solid uptake, with firms having a real interest in improving their bottom lines and managing the human variable in the value chain. Active for now only in the vehicle industry, KeyTec is planning expansion into retail and quick service retailers as well.

Source: Disrupt africa