USA kicks out Wildlife Centre in Banjul for establishment of its embassy in The Gambia


The United States of America has come into an agreement with the current Adama Barrow led Gambian government to establish what they call a state-of-the-art embassy in Banjul.

However, the location chosen for this newly agreed upon embassy is currently being occupied by the West African Livestock Innovation centre (WALIC).

This agreement was announced by the Office of the Attorney General of Gambia on the 26th October 2022 via a press release. (See Below)


The West African Livestock Innovation centre (WALIC) is built on the 30 years legacy and achievements of the former International Trypanotloerance Centre (ITC). Thus WALIC is a metamorphosis of ITC with a new vision and mission. The new name for the centre was born during the consultative meetings, electronic discussions and validation workshop that led to the development and validation of a new 10 year strategic plan (2013-2022) – They state on their website

The decision has caused outrage by many Gambians online as to the ethics and morality of the location chosen; it being an environmentally critical and biodiverse area. Apparently, the United States do not seem to care because they are yet to react to any of the criticisms online.