The Moroccan Roots of FC Barcelona Player Dembele’s Wife


Rabat – French international football player Ousmane Dembele recently appeared in viral videos online celebrating his wedding with his Moroccan wife, Rima Edbouche.

According to local sources, Edbouch is from a Moroccan Berber family from Douar Aghbalou, near Guelmim in southwestern Morocco. 

Born in Castelfranco Veneto, in northeastern Italy, Edbouch grew up in France, where she is still pursuing her university studies.

Rima is a TikTok star.  She has over 386,000 followers and 3.3m views on the platform. She usually posts videos of herself wearing a hijab and a mask, making it difficult to determine whether or not she is the one in the viral wedding photos.

The wedding ceremony was celebrated the traditional Moroccan way. Not only was the music Moroccan, but videos and pictures showed the bride wearing a Moroccan caftan (traditional dress).

Dembele, a French international player of Mauritanian origins, also appeared in Moroccan attire.

The folklore bands playing during the wedding were also Moroccans, performing Moroccan music with drums and other musical instruments traditionally associated with Morocco.  

Another iconic Moroccan wedding item spotted at the Dembele-Edbouch wedding was the “Al-Ammariah,” a colorfully decorated wooden chair used to carry the bride on the shoulders of men wearing white robes.

The wedding videos showed the FC Barcelona football players dancing to Moroccan music during the ceremony.

As the videos went viral on social media, many Moroccan social media users said that they were impressed by Dembele’s keenness to hold a wedding in the authentic Moroccan way.

source: mwn