Sudanese criticize sexual attacks during protests


Thousands of Sudanese rallied on Thursday condemning sexual attacks, after the United Nations said at least 13 women and girls were raped during recent mass protests against the army.

The United States and the European Union on Thursday issued a joint statement condemning the act.

Britain, Canada, Norway and Switzerland were all signatories to the statement calling on Khartoum to “carry out a full and independent investigation”.

The UN said it had “received allegations of sexual harassment by security forces against women who were trying to flee” the area around the presidential palace in Khartoum on Sunday.

According to the independent Doctors’ Committee, two people died during protests on Sunday, making at least 47 the number of people killed during clashes since the military power grab,

“These organised acts of sexual assault are one of the tools they use to break the women and prevent them from taking to the streets. Even though they have been doing this for years, we will return (to the streets) and our voices will be even louder…” Sudanese protester, Malaz Kamal said.

Another protester, Nahla Issa, also added, “… Ever since the al-Bashir era, we’ve been facing rape and displacements, we want our full rights back and can’t do so without getting rid of the criminals in the coup council, the murderers and the Janjaweed militia group.”

Security forces fired tear gas and live bullets Sunday as they cracked down on thousands who were marching against military chief General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who led a coup on October 25.

Source: africanews