South African Club Matiyasi FC Banned for life after winning game with 59 goals


A Limpopo-based football team have been banned from playing football for life after winning their game 59-1.

Matiyasi FC notched up the impressive result while chasing promotion to the ABC Motsepe League.

They were banned alongside three other Limpopo sides after they were found guilty of match-fixing.

The South Africa Football Association investigated the game after Matiyasi FC won their game by 59 goals to 1.

Matiyasi were third in their stream and were three points behind the leaders, but were 18 goals behind on goal difference.

They then hammered Nsami Mighty Birds 59-1 on the final day. The South African Football Association investigated the result after 41 of the goals were all own goals by Mighty Birds.

The drama didn’t end there, though. Matiyasi’s rivals for the promotional spot, Shivulani Dangerous Tigers, won their game beat by 32 goals. Tigers beat Kotoko Happy Boys 33-1, with seven own-goals being recorded during the encounter.

Sotuh African Media also reported that Nsami Mighty Birds, Shivulani Dangerous Tigers and Kototo Happy Boys were also banned.