Somalia: Election committee chooses new chief


The electoral authorities in Somalia have appointed a new chairman after dismissing the former chief accused of involvement in electoral misconduct.

The announcement of Somalia’s Federal Election Implementation Team (FEIT) followed the threat of US sanctions if the country misses the new deadline of February 25th to hold elections.

“The defeated candidate got 11 votes while the second candidate Muse Gelle Yusuf won 14 votes. Therefore he is from now on the new chairman of Somalia’s Federal Election Implementation Team (FEIT)”, said deputy chairman of FEIT, Mowlid Matan Salad.

The mandate of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, better known as Farmajo, expired in February 2021.

His mandate was controversially extended in April leading to a wave of violence in the capital, Mogadishu.

The incoming chairman affirmed his commitment to hold the long awaited scrutiny.

“As regards the long-delayed election and new election deadline, which is big burden on us, we are committed to start quickly and meet this new deadline, Allah willing”, said Muse Gelle Yusuf.

Somalia is on the grip of a deadly insurgency by Al-Shabaab extremists.

On Wednesday, a suicide car bomb in the capital killed at least four people.