Shut Up your mouth; Tinubu tells Nigerians who want a change of Government


The flagbearer of the ruling APC party in Nigeria and the oldest contender of the Nigerian 2023 presidential election Bola Asiwaju Tinubu has told Nigerians who are desperately yearning for a change of the status qui government to shut up their mouths.

He made this statement while addressing APC women leaders and members on the 10th of October 2022 in Lagos State Nigeria.

This is appalling and below-the-belt to say the least because this statement encourages subtle violence and sows seeds of disunity between Nigerians who happen to find themselves on different sides of the political table. Many have also said that the words Tinubu said “Shut up your mouth” sounds tyrannical and he may do worse if he wins the coming elections.

However, the choice is up to Nigerians at the elections who they decide to lead at this period of uncertainty, hopelessness, worsening economy, terrible security and downward spiral of the country to say the least.

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