Shatta Wale confesses to rape; accuses Burna Boy of doing same


In a tweet on his official verified Twitter handle, Shatta Wale unabashedly admitted to being a rapist. He even went ahead to make a rape joke calling Burna Boy’s anger against him as ‘raping jealousy’.

Shatta Wale wrote, “Because he is a rapist, he is jealous I did same to his girl cuz that’s his job. Raping jealousy. @burnaboy.”
This tweet, punctuated with several laughing emoji’s, is a confirmation of Burna Boy’s earlier post clarifying the reason for asking for a fistfight. He disclosed that he wants to beat Shatta Wale because he (Shatta Wale) raped an acquaintance of his (Burna Boy).

“@Shattawalenima, You tried to rape the girl I brought to Ghana back then. I won’t say her name. But I know what you and Koffi did. That’s the real reason I want your teeth and blood on the floor. I just want you to fight me like a man. Even if I know you are just an unhealthy dog. I could have gotten you killed ages ago if I wanted. But you are not worth it. You’re just a sick puppy. Rapist.”

According to Shatta Wale, Burna Boy is only angry because he reciprocated an action he (Burna Boy) took on a Ghanaian Instagram model. He revealed that Burna Boy raped and beat up a young lady, Matilda Hipsy, after refusing to succumb to anal sex.

Shatta Wale wrote, “Burna Boy, your m*daaaaaa. You r*pe Matilda Hipsy self we no talk. Kwasiaaaaaa U deh try chop Matilda en as weh she say no weh u bat am. You tink we don’t know…”

Current;y, several supporters from both fractions have called the two parties to order whilst condemning the rap allegations.