Rwanda: “I don’t see myself becoming a full time artiste” – DJ Phil Peter


Renowned deejay Phil Peter says that he has no intention of switching his career to music despite the fact that he has been regularly featured in a number of hit songs in the past two years.

The DJ, who doubles as a presenter at Isibo TV, started the New Year on an impressive note, dropping a brand new song ‘Agafoto’ which is increasingly becoming a favourite and making the cut at different local radio and TV top charts.

The song, which features female artiste Marina, rappers P Fla and Fireman as well as Aime Bluestone, was recorded by producer Element, while the video was directed by Fayzo Pro and Sammy Switch.

The DJ explains that he has been featuring in a number of songs not because he wants to change his deejay career, but to contribute to the promotion of Rwandan music through building a strong collaboration with local artistes.

As a matter of fact, Phil Peter never records songs alone, rather, involves some artistes in his songs in order to keep building that bond between him and local artistes, an approach which he believes benefits both artistes in promoting their songs and for him to grow his brand as a DJ.

“There was a time when artistes were claiming that local DJs were giving little power play for their music and, as a DJ and presenter, I thought it would be a good idea to build a good relationship with them for the common benefit to promote Rwandan music and at the same time grow our brands,” he explains.

On that note, Phil Peter dismisses any claims linking him with pursuing music as a career but a passion.

 “I don’t see myself doing music as a career and I would not even love to follow that career even if people want me to because it’s not my calling. My calling is a DJ. I sacrificed a lot to become a DJ because it is my passion,” he says.

“I just juggle recording some music not because I want it to become my new career but because music and deejaying go together,” he further explains.

Apart from ‘Agafoto’, Phil Peter already has a number of collaborations under his belt including ‘Amata’ ft Social Mula, ‘Bombe’ ft Aime Bluestone and ‘Bimpame’ ft Marina, all of which have been featuring on different music charts on different radio and TVs in the country and in the region.

He further explains that the idea to record some music was inspired by the fact that he wanted to contribute something to the growth and development of Rwandan music like he does as a DJ.

He also reveals that the reason most of the songs in which he featured went on to become successful, is that he knows the kind of music that the audience wants exactly, as someone who has been spinning his decks at different big concerts over the past five years. 

As a result, some of his songs earned him nominations at music awards organised in Rwanda, with ‘Amata’ being the latest song which was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2021 Kiss Summer Awards. Unfortunately, it lost to Meddy’s ‘My Vow’.