Protecting Keran National Park from predators


The Keran National Park is a natural area within the limits of which the conservation of biological diversity takes place.

It offers the splendid spectacle of a perfect symbiosis between a flora of rare beauty, a wide range of land, water and bird animals, a relief reflecting variations in altitudes, and a well-supplied hydrographic network.

But this site is threatened by illegal agricultural practices, poaching, bushfires.

“We are in a logic of restoration of the park,” recalled Tuesday Katari Foli-Bazi, the Minister of Agriculture

The Oti-Kéran National Park is located in the north of Togo, in the Savannah region.

It covers the territories of the prefectures of Keran and Oti. It is a protected area with a total area of 69,000 hectares.

The Park has been inscribed since 1997 as a Ramsar site (list of wetlands of international importance).