Rwanda: Preps for Isango na Muzika awards 2021 in full gear


Happening for the second time since it began, all is set for Isango na Muzika awards 2021. 

Organised by Isango Star, one of the radio stations in Rwanda, the Isango na Muzika awards is awarding different Rwandan artistes and actors that performed better than others in the year 2021.

According to Alex Kavukire, the awards’ chief producer, the Isango na Muzika awards was created to empower Rwandan artistes and enhance their appreciation, particularly young upcoming artistes, by thanking them for their work and motivating them to continue thriving and remaining passionate in what they do.

“Isango na Muzika was launched as a way of thanking our artistes and for the world to see that we recognize their hard work in creating amazing works,” said Kavukire.

After the first awarding that took place at Isango Muzika Sunday Show on Isango star TV, this time it will happen in person at Canal Olympia Rebero. The Awarding ceremony is slated to take place on December 26, and it will be attended by the nominated artistes and Rwandan music lovers.  

The categories that will be awarded are namely; Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best New Artist, Best Song of The Year, Best Video, Best Audio Producer, Best Video director, Best Gospel Artist, Best Actor, and Best Actress. Each category has four nominees except the Best song of the year with six nominated songs. 

This time there will be changes in the way artistes will be awarded. Among the usual awards, Best collabo, Best Hip hop artist, Best Traditional & culture artist, and Best Album were added.

“Last year we awarded nine categories, but this year we are awarding 14, we added a few more categories that need to be recognised as well,” said Kavukire, “we will also give the award of lifetime achievements that we called People’s choice Decade,” he added.

The People’s choice decade awards will include the decade Entertainment Journalist, Decade Producer, Decade Artiste, and Decade Artiste Manager.

The voting process will take place via SMS by writing Category code, Artiste code, and sending to 4546. Voting via SMS can be done as many times as possible. The other way of voting is online through URL

In an interview with The New Times, Alex Kavukire encouraged Rwandan music lovers and fans across the world to keep voting because the odds of the nominees winning this year’s awards are 40 percent in the hands of the public by voting via SMS, 20 percent via online voting, and 40 percent in the hands of the panel of judges.

Symphony Band, students from Ecole dárt de Nyundo, and other renowned musicians are among the nominees are set to perform at the ceremony.

According to Kavukire, everyone interested in attending the event should request for an invitation via Isango star social media, particularly Instagram, because only those who have been invited will be allowed to attend the ceremony. All attendees will be required to show proof of a covid test taken in 72 hours, as well as a covid vaccination certificate.

Source: TheNewTimes