One of the most remote islands in the world now receives flights from Cape Town

May 19, 2019
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If you want to get away from it all, there’d be very few places that could compete with St Helena. The tiny island in the South Atlantic Ocean is thousands of miles away from any other land mass or neighbouring countries, earning it the status of “one of the world’s most remote islands”. And pretty soon, you’ll be able to fly there from Cape Town.

The direct seasonal flight is scheduled weekly on a Tuesday and will operate from 3 December 2019 to 31 March 2020. Bookings are open until late February 2020. Beverley Schafer is the minister for economic opportunities in the Western Cape and Cape Town. She has lauded this move as a “fresh and exciting” development:

“The Western Cape Government is focused on driving the further development of the tourism sector to stimulate growth and create new jobs. In order to do this, we need to be offering a range of experiences and opportunities that appeal to a wide variety of tourists.”

“This new route from Cape Town to the island is very exciting, providing fresh opportunities to market tourism to both the Western Cape and St Helena, capitalizing on the historic link between the two.”

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St Helena Cape Town flights

What can you do in St Helena?

St Helena is famous for its rich history, if not infamy. The island was used as a punishment for Napoleon Bonaparte, who was exiled there in the early 19th-century. However, the once-desolate hideaway has become a thriving destination for travellers looking to experience the mother of all getaways.

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Cape Town’s new flight route is a head-turner

Before this week, the only direct route between South Africa and the volcanic settlement was via a week-long boat trip. A few hours on a plane from Cape Town definitely trumps that – but what is there to do once you land?

The coastline is absolutely breathtaking, providing some stunning backdrops to the long hiking trails. With a population of 4 500, the island can be explored in its entirety during a short stay. There are shops and bars to visit, but wandering around the remote paradise is an activity in itself – and it’ll definitely do wonders for your Instagram game!

St Helena Cape Town flights
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“Thousands of miles from anywhere”

You can also visit the numerous historical sites, which depict everything from Napoleon’s time on the island to the 5 000 prisoners who were taken prisoner there during South Africa’s Second Boer War. You can also take in the magnificent beauty of the migrating whale sharks, which are easy to spot from a good vantage point in St Helena.

  • Tickets are available online via the Airlink website and through all IATA travel agents. For more info on the flights, as well the flight schedule between Cape Town and St Helena, view the flight schedule and FAQs here.
Photo: UltraPanavision / Flickr