Oburu urges Kenyans to make informed choices at polls


East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Oburu Ogingahas described this year’s General Election as a defining moment for Kenya.

Dr Oginga, a veteran politician and an elder brother of ODM leader Raila Odinga, has also urged Kenyans to make informed decisions when choosing their next leaders during the August polls, while appearing to drum up support for his brother’s bid for the presidency.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s 10-year term in office ends in August, and as he heads to retirement, his deputy William Ruto and Mr Odinga are considered the frontrunners in the race to succeed him.

Dr Oginga, who is angling for the Siaya senatorial seat in the polls, spoke at the Stadion Hotel in Kasarani, Nairobi on New Year’s day during the wedding reception of Ken Mathiu and Beata Mwarania, in which he was the best man.

The bride is a medical lab technologist while the groom is a London-based businessman.

Also present was Sports Kenya’s Deputy Director-General Gabriel Komora.

“I wish to congratulate the newlyweds. They have come of age and we wish them well. I also know that Kenyans are of age to make decisions that define our future as a country when we head to the polls,” said Dr Oginga who has served as EALA MP for the past five years.

Defining moment

“It is a defining moment in that the decisions we make, we live with them for a decade and many more years to come. There are those that have sacrificed the most productive years of their life to make the country better while others say they have some funny policies to sell,” he said.

His comments appeared to mirror those President Kenyatta made in his New Year’s speech.

“We must choose leadership over politics. Leadership is about vision while politics is about positions. Leadership is about the next generation whereas politics is concerned merely with the next election. Indeed, our obsession with politics has only slowed down the realisation of our potential as a people,” said President Kenyatta.

source: nation