Nigeria: Why I want to be APC next Chairman – Mustapha


Saliu Mustapha, an aspirant to the office of the national chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC) has promised to run an all-inclusive government if given the opportunity to lead the party.

In a letter to members of the party, he personally signed, Mustapha said he is aware of various challenges facing the party as one of its founding fathers and has developed strategy to continue making it a winning party.

He said, “I have the privilege of being one of the senior figures in the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) who pulled through the merger with the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and other parties to form APC that ended Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) sixteen-year hold on power at the centre.

“How were we able to achieve this momentous feat? We focused on politics with a heart, with the people in mind, from the rural areas to the metropolis, from the grassroots to the urban centres.

“We embodied the hopes of a better country and better politics in 2015 with the ‘Change’ mantra, and not surprising people showed their trust and belief by electing us for a second term in office in 2019!

“We also brought more states under the APC banner as our message of progressive change caught the imagination and hopes of the people.

Commending efforts of the founding fathers for laying a solid foundation for the party, he said, “I must commend the valiant efforts of our party leadership and all previous executives for laying a proper foundation that could easily be built on. But even at that we must first put our house in order.

“Like I said earlier, I am aspiring for the position of APC National Chairman. The question some may ask is, why? The answer is not too far fetched; because the time has come! My objective is to lead the party to a new era of sustained victories, progressive policies, dignified politics and national development.

“No member of the ruling party can deny that we have had some challenging periods, one of which birthed the current Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC) led by Governor Mai Mala Buni.

“I recognise and sincerely appreciate the valiant efforts of each member of that committee and promise to build on the gains achieved and mitigate the lows.

“The core of my message today is that the time has come for our great party to embrace the future and optimise its mandate and potentials. We have succeeded in righting the course of the nation through the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“But what happens at the end of the eight-year tenure of President Buhari? Where do we go from here especially as our great leader would not be on the ballot in 2023?

“As an aspiring next national chairman of the ruling party, I believe APC needs to consolidate its message and find the best way to build on the success stories of this administration, which I know are numerous despite the challenges.

“As one who has grown within the political system, a bridge between the past and the future, I have the distinct advantage of unbiased perspective. I have seen the issues; I have identified the winning formula.

I will fortify our wins and reduce opportunities for corrosive developments. I will lead from the front by providing firm, inclusive, proactive, disciplined, fair and transparent leadership as APC chairman.

“The proposed party governance approach under my stewardship will ensure that members are recognised and acknowledged. Programmes and plans of the party will be inclusive, strategically crafted, robustly debated and judiciously implemented.

“Ladies and gentlemen, even families have disagreements and there is bound to be friction but I will ensure that proper and transparent conflict resolution frameworks are in place.

“The younger generation of APC members as well as the older ones have nothing to fear as I am well placed as a bridge between the two. I am one of the older generations. I am one of the younger generations. I am a bridge for the future with the consciousness and values of the past. So there is indeed no cause for any concern.

“My name is Saliu Mustapha, a development and commercial real estate consultant, a consumate progressive by choice and a passionate patriot by conviction and I will be running for the office of the National Chairman of our great party, the All Progressive Congress (APC).

“Thank you for your anticipated support come February 2022, let us continue the winning culture.

source: TheGuardian