Nigeria: Filmmaker exposes kidnappers’ secret with Asiri Ajinigbe


Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Adewale Yekeen, has stated that insecurity will further affect the country economically if left unchecked.

 Yekeen, whose latest movie, ‘Asiri Ajinigbe’ explores the level of ritual killings and kidnappings in Nigeria made the plea for the scourge of kidnapping and banditry to be addressed.

His words: “My major concern is that insecurity in Nigeria will further affect the country economically. Most foreign investors are scared of coming to the country because of insecurity. Even some Nigerians in diaspora find it scary to visit their motherland let alone invest here.”

 Yekeen further advocated the use of technology and capital punishment to check the activities of kidnappers. “All these senseless killings by kidnappers will stop when they know they will be caught. Most developed countries have lesser kidnapping cases because of technology. Capital punishment should also be encouraged. When confirmed guilty and convicted by a competent court of law, kidnappers should be killed,” he said.

On what inspired the latest movie, he revealed that: “passing messages and recommending solutions through movie is all I do for now.

 “Asiri Ajinigbe simply means kidnapper’s secret. My film brings to light secrets about how kidnappers operate and possible solutions to insecurity. A lot of Nigerians have experienced kidnapping, and we must realise that insecurity for one is insecurity for all.”

Speaking on the making of ‘Asiri Ajinigbe’, Yekeen said, “We faced so many challenges while shooting the movie, it required so many resources and we were limited to the point that production almost stopped. Money for special effects alone was astronomical, but to God be the glory, the movie shoot was a success.”

The movie stars actors like Adunni Ade, Murphy Afolabi, Madam Saje, Sanyeri and others.