Nigeria: Comedian I Go Dye dedicates Global Peace Advocate Award to “Endsars” victims


United Nations Eminent Global Peace Advocate Appointment and Award has dedicated it to the victims of #EndSars protests and the #EndSars judicial panel, advising the government to look into the judicial panel’s recommendations to placate Nigerians.

In a letter made available to Vanguard he said, “I wholeheartedly dedicate this United Nations Eminent Global Peace Advocate Appointment And Award bestowed on me to the victims of the Endsars protest and the judiciary panel that gave some insights and recommendations on how to curb future occurrence of such actions. Our pains are widened by the gap of poverty, unemployment and injustice. I appeal to the government to look into the judicial panel’s recommendation and seek a better means to reward Nigerians with economic policies that will cushion the effect of poverty that’s motivating the criminal tendency across the nation.

He continues, “Declaring any group as terrorists, is not enough to stop crime, the government must create a secured environment especially with special attention on power generation for investors, so that our youths can get employment. No matter how much is spent on war, or purchasing military equipment , none can stop the frustrated man from embracing violence, as a means of survival. When we fail to promote peace, by our simple failure to care for the less-privileged and reduce the poverty index in our country, crime will certainly increase.”

I Go Dye thanked the International Association of World Peace Advocates for the honour bestowed on him and promised to do more in promoting peace and sustaining development

“As a Global Diplomat we will continue to advocate for peace and sustainable development , because the world is built on our shoulders, only peace and love can sustain our existence. I am indeed grateful to God Almighty, for him alone takes all the glory.”

Ambassador Francis Agoda a.k.a I Go Dye has been on the path of promoting peace and advocating for development in Africa for years now. During the 2019 Nigeria general elections he launched “I stand for peace across Nigeria,” campaign, a development to promote peace during and after election. He gave out 5 thousand dollars to 5 finalists across Nigeria.

The comedian is also an Africa Child Ambassador, a UKAid ambassador and a MADACT (Making A Difference Against Corruption Today), Ambassador as well as World Habitat Ambassador, Sustainable Development Ambassador and many more.He recently won the Hiptv humanitarian award.

United Nations Eminent Global Peace Advocate is someone of standing and influence in their own community and the wider world, such as royalties, academics, religious leaders and major figures in the business world.

As part of the presentation of the award the comedian was also given an international identification card with UN-V1712 with the inscription “Category Global Diplomat”