My fiancé of 6years got married behind my back and denied it to me – Nurse cries out.


People are getting their share of heartbreaks left and right and recently one has made its way online.

The victim appears to be a nurse Obiaka Ebere in Benin-City, Nigeria. Read what she wrote below.

I just find out my fiance of 6yrs got married on the 16th, and I was with him 3day before he got married, just found out dis morning on Facebook he was married,

I have never felt so much pain in my life.

She posted dis pic dis morning, I called him and he denied it, I has to travel to warri as early as 6am just to confirm, he asked me not to come to his house that I should wait for him somewhere. He left work to come see me and he still lied to me that he wasn’t married.

He told me he loves me and can never leave me for someone, he even said I should benin and move in with him next month, only for me to get home and I had to search on Facebook and for me to see he was really married.

God!!! I have heard of stories like dis but I never thought it was going to happen to me. Dis can’t be happening, I’m going crazy.

Karo you didn’t see him when he had nothing, you didn’t see him when he was staying in one room, now that he is doing well as a medical doctor you decided to come from nowhere to steal him.

May my God punish the both of you, may you both never know peace, I “curse” you both.

He proposed last yr, he made lots of promises to me and yet he still went behind my back to get married to someone else

Lord help me.

Pictures of heartbroken Ebere below:


She has already been receiving lots of backlash as well as condolences from people. What is your take on this? Are men just wicked or do you think she has done something to deserve this ?