Morocco To Launch New Marrakech-Ben Guerir Railway Line


Rabat – Aziz Bouignane, the governor of the Rhamna province, announced that a new railway line connecting Marrakech and Ben Guerir has been commissioned.

“The goal is to open up the Rhamna province,” Bouignane explained during a ceremony for the launch of the project.

Local officials say the rail line will also stop at Sidi Bouathmane, facilitating transportation of workers and goods to and from the industrial zone which is located 35 kilometres away from Marrakech.

The improved density of the regional rail network will remedy some of the problems facing travelers and commuters in the region.

Although Sidi Bouathmane is mainly known for its agricultural activities, it is home to an industrial zone which could benefit from additional and more efficient transportation options.

Morocco’s National Railways Office (ONCF) announced earlier this year that it would be investing MAD 7.7 billion ($848 million) to upgrade the country’s rails and train stations between 2022 and 2024.

The plan aims to modernize the Moroccan railway network using “an institutional and organizational restructuring plan.”

The ONCF also recently reported big losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a high debt ratio of 193%. The office’s finances showed a debt of nearly MAD 43 billion ($4.7 million).

The ONCF is also investing in increasing the safety of its railways, with the measures already taken being reported to successfully reduce accidents and deaths.

Source: mwn