‘Morocco Now’ Is on Display in Japan

January 27, 2022
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Rabat – After making its way to Burj Khalifa and the iconic Times Square, “Morocco Now” is on display in Japan’s Tokyo, the world’s biggest city.

“Morocco Now” is a global marketing campaign aiming to bolster Morocco’s image as a manufacturing hub and gateway to Africa.

On the backdrop of the display, The Japanese Times, Japan’s largest English-speaking daily newspaper, published a report highlighting the opportunities Morocco offers to Asian businesses.

The North African country hosts 75 Japanese companies, up by 50% over the past six years, with Japanese businesses employing 49,000 Moroccans, according to the report.

With world-grade infrastructure, low production costs, and digital connectivity, Morocco ranks among the “most attractive investment destinations in Africa,” explains the report.

Already established as the leading car manufacturer in Africa, Morocco’s aerospace industry hosts 140 companies, with an annual growth of 20%, details the report.

A number of factors underpin Morocco’s impressive annual economic growth, explains the report. With 42% of the population under 25, human capital is a major drive behind the growth in Morocco’s industry.

Adding to human capital are government incentives and diplomatic relations, paving the way for trade agreements with over 60 countries worldwide. 

Located 15 kilometers off Europe, Morocco is a top investment destination for manufacturers aiming to establish a strong foothold in Africa, and export worldwide thanks to Morocco’s state-of-the-art Tangier Med port.

Aiming to consolidate its status as the gateway to Africa, Morocco has set up ambitious green plans, positioning itself to become a major player in the green revolution.

After the development of the world’s largest solar concentration plant Noor in 2016, Morocco is now aiming to sustainably source 52% of its energy needs by 2030.

source: moroccoworldnews.com