Morocco: Growth in Automobile Market by 5.7% in 2021


The President of the association of importers of motor vehicles in Morocco (AIVAM), Adil Bennani, presented the 2021 annual report and 2022 automotive market outlook during a virtual press conference on January 6.

Bennani noted that “despite the increase in sales in 2021, the catch-up effect of the year 2020 remains limited.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and trade disruption, Morocco witnessed a shortage in semiconductors which burdened the market’s productivity in 2021.  

By the end of  2022, Bennani anticipates a 5% to 15% market growth, depending on the availability of semiconductors as the supply shortage is ongoing. 

In 2021, new car sales reached 175,360 units, which marked a 5.7% increase in sales from 2019, announced Bennani.

Additionally, vehicle registrations covered 154,123 passenger vehicles (PCs) and 21,237 light commercial vehicles (LCVs) with an annual increase of 4% for PCs and 20% for LCVs. 

The Moroccan automotive market provides three products; passenger cars (PCs) light commercial vehicles (LCVs), and premium cars. 

In 2021, the passenger cars category continued to be dominated by Dacia with a 28.6% market share ahead of Renault, Peugeot, and Hyundai with 13.2%, 7.9%, and 7.8% market shares, respectively.

In the same category, Kia and Opel recorded a good recovery with a 174% and 80% increase in sales, he announced. 

SUVs dominated the sales at the level of passenger cars with 31.4% market share, followed by city cars that maintained their market share at 26.3%.

In the light commercial vehicles (LCVs) category, Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) increased sales by 108% to 4,074 units. Renault and Ford recorded the sale of 3,291 and 2,029 units, respectively.

For the premium car category, Audi ranked first with a 60% increase in sales, followed by BMW with 31% growth while Mercedes recorded a 10% decrease in sales.