Morocco: Extends Suspension of Maritime Travel Until February 6

February 2, 2022
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Rabat – The Moroccan Ministry of Transport and Logistics has extended the suspension of maritime travel to and from all of Morocco’s ports until February 6.

The ministry made the announcement in a memo, saying: “As part of the sanitary measures enforced by the Kingdom of Morocco to strengthen the fight against the COVID-19 virus, the decision to suspend maritime transport to and from Moroccan ports is extended until February 6 at 23h59.” 

The document clarifies that the suspension does not extend to utility vehicles such as trucks or vans used for transporting personnel, merchandise, or parcels.

Many have started questioning whether this means that maritime borders will reopen on February 7, the same day that air travel is slated to resume.

Staff from the ministry told the press that nothing has been decided as of yet concerning the complete reopening of Moroccan ports, clarifying that the memo only serves to extend the suspension which was ending on January 31.

The government previously announced that air travel would be resuming to and from Morocco on February 7, after recommendations from the Scientific and Technical committee.

A commission is also currently discussing to determine the measures that would be taken in Moroccan points of entry, as well as various travel requirements that will be announced at some other time.

The potential reopening of the Moroccan borders is awaited by many, especially locals working in the tourism sector, who have been significantly impacted by the country’s strict travel restrictions.