Morocco Aims to Support Morocco’s International Trade Companies


The General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) and the Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes (ADII) signed on January 17 a framework agreement to assist national Moroccan companies operating in international trade.

The CGEM said the agreement aims to promote more convenient customs services to its members and to install mechanisms to ease international trade operations. The agreement also comprises the creation of a mechanism to facilitate mediation.

During the meeting, CGEM Chairman Chakib Alj welcomed the collaboration between the CGEM and customs services, describing it as crucial for Morocco’s economy.

He stressed that this partnership is a step forward to enhance services already in place and boost the fluidity and efficiency of the relationship between the administration and business.

This agreement, according to Alj, intends to place businesses in specific categories and streamline foreign trade transactions. The chairman of the CGEM emphasized the partnership’s anticipated role in strengthening the supply chain in compliance with current norms and regulations while protecting domestic production from foreign competition.

“We will work together in the future to adapt the legal framework to meet the needs of international trade,” he said.

“In this view, we will anticipate the adjustments to be made by working ahead of time on the content of finance legislation in keeping with our country’s overall strategy, including industrial transformation and sustainable growth,” Alj added.

Meanwhile, ADII General Director Nabyl Lakhdar emphasized that the customs administration is focused on streamlining procedures and simplifying the movement of products.

Lakhdar also mentioned that ADII has set up a suggestion box to collect recommendations from customs officers and economic operators on how to boost the country’s competitiveness.

Similarly, customs data is available to the CGEM for the benefit of its members, he said, asking the business group to work with the administration in resolving and reducing lawsuits.

A steering committee, chaired by the President of the CGEM and the Director General of the ADII, has been established to oversee the execution of this agreement.

The partnership is part of the CGEM‘s efforts to increase investment in Morocco, particularly in the post-COVID-19 era, in line with King Mohammed VI instructions to focus on investment.

CGEM is looking for methods to establish agreements and find new synergies in order to increase links between Moroccan and international businesses.

The ongoing activity follows a September 2021 joint declaration to improve the EU-Morocco trade and investment system between CGEM and Business Europe, and EuroCham Morocco.