Mass recruitment to replace Liberia’s striking medics

September 22, 2020
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Liberia’s health ministry has been ordered to recruit new personnel to temporarily replace 9,000 healthcare workers who have been on a strike for nearly a week.

The striking healthcare workers are demanding for better salaries, improved working conditions and protective equipment.

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe, in a statement, invited applications from qualified nurses, midwives and laboratory technicians.

“The government continues to encourage health workers to return to their assigned posts but will not allow the health system to be put at risk,” Mr Nagbe said.

The government said it had tried to “amicably” resolve the standoff with the leadership of the healthcare workers union but that “they continue to remain uncompromising, unreasonable and recalcitrant”.

The striking workers accuse President George Weah’s government of reneging on a promise to exempt them from a salary harmonisation program.

Liberia’s health sector has remained weak and vulnerable since the country’s civil war ended 17 years ago.