Man recounts his family almost being wiped out in Bauchi by Fulani Muslim mob

May 24, 2022
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I grew up in Bauchi, my most vivid memories as a child are waking up around 1am, getting stuffed in our car and being driven to a family friend’s house in the nearby barracks because the mob was about, killing Christians. I remember one time, my dad got played

The sources that usually informed my dad beforehand, didn’t. I remember waking up in a panic because there were screams, and shouts and the smell of stuff burning. We had nowhere to go and my Mom was hysterical. The mob was on our street.

they stopped specifically in front of our gate. Led by some of the youth in the area and the mallam on our street who sold sweets to us and occasionally dashed us balloons. God saved us that night_ by our landlady, who was influential in that place_ she was rich, was a hajiya. She also had hefty sons.

They sat in front of the gate till morning_ saying that the mob will have to kill them before they can get in. Stones were flung over the fence into the compound. I stayed up till morning, every minute crawling tears came and dried up_ the mob was halted

The nights we would literally drive through bodies. People killed and left on the roads, in front of their houses. Property burnt. I believe till today that I have repressed memories because I can’t seem to recall stuff in vivid detail_

Guess what? The next morning, the mallam on the street had his shop open, selling sweets_ Mom sent me to buy sugar_ he wanted to dash me sweet. In 1999/2000, without any announcements, my Dad told us to dress up and carry a change of clothes or 2_ we drove to Abuja_

left everything behind. I think he called the landlady when we arrived to tell her. She was shocked but understood. I was 6/7 then. We squatted with a friend till my mom got an apartment in the school she was to teach at. That’s how we relocated to Abuja.

I have heard stories. A Muslim hid his Christian friend when shit was going down. Locked him in the house_ went to find the mob and told them to follow him, that he had caught one of the infidels. And that is just 1 story_

My cousin in Jos passed the abattoir they always buy meat on his way to school. Said hi to the boys he played ball with, noticed everybody was sharpening knives. Hours later, news came to school that they were slaughtering Christians.

I can go on and on and this thread won’t finish. Call me Islamophobic if you want. I have lived through the horror, i grew up in it. There is no bond they will not break, no friendship, no business arrangement, no code of honour, no law of decency. They will hear Allahu Akbar and drop their humanity like it’s a mask.

Believe otherwise at your own risk. Are there different Muslims? are there peaceful Muslims? of course, i personally know many_ i went to school with some. But evil thrives when good people do nothing and that is what this is “good” people pontificating and doing nothing. Just talking_ like that would change anything. Like that is enough. Very few do more than talk_ like my now deceased landlady and her sons that braved a bloodthirsty mob just so i and my family could see the daybreak.

In kano, there was a navy man that lived on a hill, when the killing started, he threw his gates open and his Christian neighbors in the area ran up the hill. He got his gun and opened fire on the mob in pursuit. He stood on top that hill as a beacon_ no one even came close till the army had everything under control.

I hear they disappeared him afterwards. That’s how you stand against evil, no quarter given. @atiku is a coward, our politicians mostly are. The Muslim fanatics are cowards too_ they will never make a move until they outnumber you.

But i am yet to see a Muslim step up to my face- and i lived in the north for 19years- to physically assault me for talking smack about Islam. Nah, but if they are like 5_ they would want to start moving mad. Know who else does shit like that? Yup, cultists.

So if you support @atiku know what you stand with. know the price of your support. Know what you are endorsing values the opinion of the fanatic mob over doing what’s right. I say What instead of Who because no person in a position to do some good.

And chooses not to for any reason, should be tagged a human being. Talk less of a presidential aspirant. I have no doubt that when @PeterObi wins, the gates of hell will be unleashed all over the country. BK will suddenly get invigorated, insecurity will become even worse.

On the day before Buhari won in 2015, they posted a text on our alumni group. its was a broadcast sent to their mosques, telling them to rise and strike the infidels if Buhari is declared the loser. The person that posted it, deleted it afterwards_ but he was trying to warn us.

So I believed @GEJonathan knew what was going to happen and chose to avert it. He wasn’t being poetic, when he said his ambition wasn’t worth our lives, it was fact. It seems however, that today his ambition is worth his soul, pride and his legacy.

Get your PVC’s. Stay Vigilant. If bandits are in Nassarawa forests, best believe that Abuja is not secure. Watch and Pray. But most importantly, STAND. The mob is only brave and vicious when they are not the ones bleeding.

Lastly, to the Muslims that say Islam is a religion of peace, now is not the time to be docile_ Take a stand now… or forever remain seated in your delusions. That’s all.