Man burns Atiku’s campaign books over unpaid debt over 4 years


A Nigerian man who goes by the name “Lion Of Jada” on twitter has called out and burned Premium Campaign Style books titled Lion Of Jada which emerged out of a deal with presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar due to delays in payment since 2019.

He wrote on Twitter;

HE @atiku I thank you for the permission and opportunity to have packaged THE LION OF JADA since 2019. Today I have burned the books and I am honestly moving on. Your boys may lie online but you and I know the facts. I sincerely let this go today. A few days ago I paid off all of the debts incurred on this project. I have no bad words for you and I give glory to God alone. My patience on this project, which you acknowledged quite often, and the huge cost of it (the very first point you noted after you received 1st copy) may speak for me in due season.

Remember how you said that you always suffer to get what you want in life? Well, I don’t have it easy too. Never have. But God is bigger than every mortal and intercedes for the innocent behind their backs. I do not need or ask for sympathy. I am good and I have moved on sir. I’d like to ask, officially, that your supporters leave me be. I don’t know why they think that 40 million naira is a collosal sum for a project they know nothing about. I have done bigger deals with you before and made no noise about it. I had your permission to use screen shots of some of our emails and texts. I obtained these permissions before I ever put pen to paper. This was not random. I am shocked at the lies your boys tell but I also understand them: it’s political season so they must feed. Unlike them, I trust my skill to put food on my table.

May God reward us all according to the truth alone. We had our good moments that I can never deny. But this project wrecked me and mine. Still, all glory to God alone. There is honour in keeping promises. Good luck to you sir.

All of the Atiku trolls throwing the “You didn’t sign an agreement” card at me. I am puzzled that you think agreements have to be written to be legally binding. I also wonder why you think I don’t have a WRITTEN permission and enough proof. But I’ll just move on. Best wishes.