Love doesn’t judge – 22-year-old declares after tying knot with lover, 76


The 54 years age difference between a Rwandan woman and her lover is not enough to keep them worlds apart as well as the many tongues-speaking against their relationship.

In what she has promised to be a for-life union, 22-year-old Claudine has accepted marriage to a 76-year-old church worker.

Though Claudine said she never imagined she could fall in love with a man old enough to be her grandfather, she affirmed she has never regretted her decision as he makes her happy in a way no man has.

Narrating how it all happened in Afrimax English, Claudine recounted how she met David for the first time in church, where he worked as a full-time intercessor and evangelist.

At that moment, she said their friendship ended with just a Christian conversation, but as they met each other oftentimes, they formed a close bond.

Despite the age difference, she said their hearts connected and they both realized “love is all that matters and love doesn’t judge. Age doesn’t matter, a loving heart is enough”.

Asked if her parents were in support of her choice, Claudine noted that they gave full blessings for the marriage and an engagement was duly held.

To them, it was a wonderful moment, but the feedback from friends and neighbours was not encouraging.

Contrary to what society perceived was the reason for marrying an elderly man, Claudine said she wasn’t looking for possession, adding that the man has none anyway.

“He makes me happy and he always lifts me. He was able to fill the missing spot I could not get from any other younger man,” she said while they shared a kiss.

On his part, David, who had not been in a relationship prior, stated that he knew Claudine was his perfect match by the way she treats him.

He added that a voice confirmed from Heaven that she is his missing rib and at that point, he quit his intercessor job. To him, there is no going back.

Four years gone and many more ahead of them, the couple is poised to hold a grand white wedding in the coming days. They are also planning on having babies shortly after.

Source: joyonline