Just Skirt presents Business Seminar for would be entrepreneurs in Amsterdam.

May 11, 2019
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One woman has set out to address a challenge many women face today, the challenge of wanting to become professional successful entrepreneurs or career people but they find themselves lacking motivation, unhappy and unsatisfied. Pastor Favour Dare started a foundation simply called Just Skirt. What is in a name you may ask? She set up this foundation with other women of like minds to design program to train and equip women with the necessary tools to combine confidence and compassion, style and substance and of course beauty and brain to be annex to maximize their professional potentials.

She has organized several programs till day but there is a special one on 18th May 2019 in Amsterdam. (See flyer published) Pastor Favour as she is popularly addressed is the co-founder of House of Refuge Ministry in Deventer in The Netherlands where she serves along with her husband to care for the sheep God has given to them. She spoke in this exclusive interview with The Voice magazine Publisher, Pastor Elvis Iruh on her coming event. Read along with us:

TV: For those of our readers who don’t know you. Please introduce yourself to our readers?
Pastor Favour Dare: Hello readers my name is Favour w.p. Dare. I am a proud Nigerian living in the diaspora- The Netherlands to be precise. I am the founder and president of Just skirt network, a platform where I raise entrepreneurs. I am the CEO of Unisex Baffs Collection, I am an author, and mother, a wife and a financial strategist.
TV: You are a Pastor, tell us about your ministry and Christian works?
Pastor Favour Dare: I am a co-pastor of House of Refuge Ministry in Deventer, I am a PK (Pastor’s kid). I have been born again for more than 3 decades now. I am a word base believer that approach live from the finished work of the Cross.
TV: You presently live in Holland and how long have you lived there?
Pastor Favour Dare: I am living in Holland for 16 years already.
TV: You are a wife, a mother as well as a full time minister so how do couple with these pressures of life? Pastor Favour Dare: It had been by His grace to be honest. His grace is sufficient hahaha.

TV: You do a lot social media broadcast and what has been the response from the public?
Pastor Favour Dare: Wow the response is so great and huge, it’s amazing. The people response is wonderful. I am really grateful. I really thank God for the social media platform and I would love to encourage everyone to make use of this window of opportunity. Since we all cannot be on television, let’s use the social media to tell the vision of our Lord Jesus Christ.
TV: Are you still in contact with your country of origin and if yes, what contribution do you make towards its advancement?
Pastor Favour Dare: Yes am in contact with my country by the grace of God. Our outlet there is joining our community to eradicate unemployment.

TV: You run your own foundation! Just Skirt – What is the reason behind and what exactly do you do?
Pastor Favour Dare: Waw this is a great question, thank you for asking. Like a great man of God said; the graveyard is the richest place because of untapped potential and having a full understanding as a child of God we are no more broken, we are whole because of what Jesus has done. If you look around the body of Christ, there is so much discontent people that are not making the proper connection to what has been provided for them through the finished work of Christ on the cross. So the Just Skirt platform is one of the way in which God is obstructing their mediocrity and helping them to have the right perspective, brilliance and awoke the entrepreneurship in them. So we raise entrepreneurs, we also encourage those that are redundant to their God given purpose, we stare up passion in them to be their authentic self, how to be their personal coach, how to brand themselves; help them with a business plan, also help them with their setup capital if they are part of the Just Skirt Community fund.

TV: We have been told of an event happening this month – Just Skirt Business Seminar. Tell us what is it all about?
Pastor Favour Dare: Amsterdam we are coming, you guys are privilege to taste from this amazing phenomenal platform. I am coming with my team and some great financial expert that will help us fix the money thing, because we need to fix the money thing. In collaborating with other great financial platforms.
TV: Who are those who can attend this business seminar?
Pastor Favour Dare: Anyone can attend, Anyone that want to expand their business and those who are new in business (start-ups) by experience our target is foremost the millennial and the boomers generation. Anyone that want to grow, and take whatever they are doing to the next level is welcome on board.
TV: And what should we expect – who is it open for and who is going to be speaking at the seminar?
Pastor Favour Dare: We have great line up of professionals that have content who will be speaking at the seminar. I promise you, you can’t attend this meeting and stay the same way… The impact the seminar will make on those who attend. We are deliberate in our teaching, you will be inspire, transformed, build up, there will be strategy giving for effective mobilization for your assignment, you will be taught how to niche your brand, budgeting, information on when to buy share and when to sell (forex trade), how to start your business from ground to the top. Just to mention a few. I promise it’s going to be content so just attend!
TV: Finally, tell us how people can participate at this seminar?
Pastor Favour Dare: Just show up to go up please. The venue is @ Schepenbergweg 15, 1105 AS Amsterdam Zuid-Oost
TV: Thank you for your time
Pastor Favour Dare: Thank you sir, we look forward to seeing you there


For more information on our ministry, you can reach us this address:
House of refuge ministry Building lives with His word
Zutphenseweg 55, 7418 AH Deventer
T: +31(06) 52549647
E: [email protected]
FB: House of refuge ministry

Please see below detailed information;
Date: Saturday 18th May 2019
Theme: Fixing the money thing!
Time: 13:00 pm
Venue: Schepenbergweg 15, 1105 AS Amsterdam Zuid-Oost
Point of focus on Saturday 18th of May
– Building your personal brand
– Finding your niche
– Developing a budget plan
– Forex Trading insight
– An introduction to multiple streams of income.