Joint Declaration Anniversary: Morocco Renews Support for Two-State Solution in Palestine-Israel Conflict

December 23, 2021
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Morocco participated today in a celebratory online event commemorating the first anniversary of the joint declaration uniting the Moroccan, US, and Israeli governments under an agreement as part of the US-brokered Abraham Accords.

Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita represented the country in the event alongside US Secretary Antony Blinken and Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid.

In his speech during the event, Bourita emphasized that the first anniversary of the joint Trilateral Declaration is not “just a symbolic celebration.”

Speaking about Morocco’s commitment to preserving peace and security in the MENA region the Moroccan FM emphasized the country’s support for a two-state solution to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Bourita stated that Morocco will continue its endeavors in supporting a “just, lasting, and equitable peace based on the two-state solution to ensure Palestine’s independence within the borders of June, 1967, both living side by side in peace and security.”

Citing King Mohammed VI’s vision for regional peace and prosperity, Bourita recalled the unique and sacred character of Jerusalem as well as its spiritual significance for all religions.

Joint Declaration’s Three Ps

The US, Morocco, and Israel signed the agreement on December 22, 2020, nearly two weeks after the Moroccan government announced a decision to re-establish relations with Israel.

The agreement is part of the US-brokerd Abraham Accords initiated by the administration of former US President Donald Trump and supported by the current US government.

Bourita said the partnership is a renewal of a promise at three levels concluded in three “Ps.”

The first P stands for “people,” Bourita recalled, emphasizing that the signing of the agreement last year was a “trigger” in bringing nations closer.

“It is also a trigger for strengthening the long-standing bonds that have always existed between our people,” he said. “For this declaration to be meaningful, people should remain at the very beginning and at the receiving end of our partnership.”

The second P stands for “partnership,” Bourita argued. As well as amplifying the potential for cooperation not only between the three countries, he explained, the tripartite declaration presents the US-Morocco-Israel partnership to other countries and regions as a model of constructive diplomacy and reliable partnership. 

For Bourita, Morocco’s Royal Vision, under the auspices of King Mohammed VI, stresses the significance of boosting partnership in all areas, including health, education, security, economy, trade, tourism, and investment, among other fields.

As for third P, it stands for “peace,” which is among Morocco’s priorities, Bourita said.

As it came after the recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara and restoration of ties between Rabat and Tel Aviv, he recalled, the agreement carries a “very high message of peace.”

On December 10, former US President Donald Trump announced the US’ decision to support Morocco’s territorial integrity. The Trump administration officialized the declaration in a presidential proclamation and later through the joint declaration with the Israeli and Moroccan governments.

“We highly value the wise decision of the United States to recognize the Autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty as a realistic viable, political solution under the auspices of the UN, of the long-standing regional dispute,” Bourita said.

With regards to restoration of ties between Tel Aviv and Rabat,  the Moroccan FM said that King Mohammed VI foresaw the reactivation of the relationship between the two countries as a contribution to peace in the Middle East.

“The joint Trilateral Declaration is a valuable tool that can help move forward the cause of peace in the region, improve security, and unlock new opportunities for all,” he commented.

Secretary Blinken also expressed satisfaction with the outcomes of the joint declaration, saying: “On behalf of the United States, I am delighted to offer my congratulations to the governments and peoples of Morocco and Israel on the one year anniversary of the normalization of relations.” 

He emphasized that the achievement has deepend US-Morocco-Israel ties, as evidenced in recent signs of the three countries’ determination to pursue shared goals and boost cooperation. 

“It is also a positive step for the region as we aim to widen the circle of peace,” he added.

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