I avoided sex for fear of losing my Pregnancy – Ghanaian Actress Nana Ama McBrown


Marriages are always respected and enjoyable, especially when they’re blessed with children. Unfortunately, in our African society, women always suffer name callings when partners fail to produce children after some time.

A similar case happened to a celebrated Ghanaian actress and media personality, Nana Ama McBrown, who was wedded for almost a decade without a child before God finally blessed her womb with one.

Recounting her excitement toward the news of her pregnancy in an interview with Ghanaian media personality Naa Ashokor on the “We Got This Africa” show, she disclosed that she refrained totally from sex for fear of losing the child in the process.

She said the decision was a mutual one between herself and her husband.

“After I broke the news to my husband, he didn’t believe me until I sent a picture of the results to him. Then he called back and opted to pick me up from the hospital to the house.

“When he came, he was smiling and I could see it. We were excited and he said if so, then we weren’t going to have sex. But this was something we weren’t already doing during the IVF process,” she said.

Aside from her joy at finally having a child after a long search, she shockingly revealed that one of her fallopian tubes had been removed and the remaining one was rendered inoperable.

She sees no reason to be sad because all of her efforts and struggles were for herself and a baby.

“I am saying for the first time, my tubes one of them was damaged and they had to take it off. I shouldn’t have said this but Naa a lot of women are going through this. Mine, I have gotten a result, I have gotten Maxine and what I wanted,” she disclosed in a very sad tone.

Watch her recounting her on the interview below: