Huawei invests in data centres in Africa


Chinese telecoms giant Huawei is looking to build data centres in collaboration with countries in Africa.

The latest data centre was recently inaugurated in Senegal.

“We contribute to the creation of data centres and the training of human resources. We are the partner to build the data centre, to provide the equipment, the platform and to improve the connection with the applications of the different partners. On our side, we are also involved in training in this field. And we consider that it is the hardware and software that will make all the strategies work in this continent”, said Philippe Wang, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications for Huawei in North Africa.


Huawei has been banned in many western countries but at least 25 countries in Africa have no reason not to trust the Chinese company.

“I think that this is a very important subject. It allows sub-Saharan countries to start having their own infrastructure to manage their own data”, adds the Vice President.

Chinese company Huawei has a strong presence in the telecoms sector in Africa.

Africa wants to be more connected but entrusting its data centres to a foreign state is not without risks.

Source: africanews