Haiti Gang Releases All American Missionaries


WASHINGTON / PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI — Twelve Christian Aid Ministries missionaries held captive by a Haitian gang since October 16 have been released.

Gary Desrosiers, spokesperson for Haiti’s National Police, PNH, confirmed the news in a conversation with VOA Creole. He declined to provide any details.

A Christian Aid Ministries employee also confirmed the release, describing it as “very wonderful!”

The violent gang kidnapped 17 missionaries, 16 Americans and one Canadian, on October 16 as they were on their way to visit an orphanage outside the capital, Port-au-Prince. Those held captive included children.

The gang leader demanded a $1 million ransom per person for their release. He threatened to kill the missionaries if his demands were not met.

It is unclear whether a ransom was paid.

The United States sent FBI agents and other law enforcement officials to Haiti to help with efforts to free the hostages.

“There’s no greater priority for the Unites States than American citizens at risk,” said NSC Senior Director for the Western Hemisphere Juan Gonzalez, speaking with VOA last week.

Source: VOA