Giannis Antetokunmpo Stuns In WhatsApp’s +234 Hoodie


Nigeria’s Giannis Antetokunmpo has become WhatsApp’s First-Ever Global Brand Partner spotting a custom +234 hoodie as he walked down the tunnel at the NBA All-Star Game. Announcing his new status as a Whatsapp Partner, he wrote on Twitter, “

Announcing his new status as a Whatsapp Partner, he wrote on Twitter, “Throughout my life, WhatsApp has kept me connected to my loved ones, my friends, my communities and everyone important to me. It’s a link to home in Greece and a link to my family roots in Nigeria. Having easy access to my communities has helped build me into the person and athlete I am today, and working with WhatsApp—a messaging service that I use every day to stay connected with family—is important to me. I look forward to building on this partnership together.”

The custom hoodie is a collaboration between Meta’s WhatsApp and Post Imperial, a fashion brand founded by Nigerian-American designer Niyi Okuboyejo.

Giannis Antetokunmpo Photo Twitter

Okuboyejo speaking on the hoodie, said, “If you have ever been to Nigeria, you understand that we move and communicate via WhatsApp. As a Nigerian-American designer, it was an incredible honor to collaborate with Giannis and WhatsApp. Giannis represents a pinnacle of excellence in our community and our commitment to thrive. The hoodie is an ode to our Nigerian roots, inspired by the Nigerian flag. This was a collaboration between myself, Giannis, local Nigerian dye artisans and Nigerian tailors, all connected through WhatsApp.”

The corduroy chenille hoodie features Antetokounmpo’s jersey number, 34, converted to +234, Nigeria’s International dialling code. The back of the hoodie also notes his family name, Adetokunbo.

WhatsApp head of global brand and integrated marketing Vivian Odior in an official statement said, “Giannis’ success is fueled by the deep relationships he has in his life, and it’s been an honor to hear that WhatsApp has helped keep those relationships strong throughout the years. We’re excited for Giannis to be WhatsApp’s first global brand partner. Giannis is one of the billions of people who use WhatsApp every day to stay connected with friends and family, and his story is a perfect example of why we do what we do every day.”