Ghanaians React to ¢10,000 Clothing & ¢500 per day inconvenience allowance of Govt Officials


Samson Lardy a Ghanaian lawyer and journalist who works for Multimedia outlines allowances State-Owned Enterprises’ executives enjoy live on Joy News TV. Speaking on the show, he reads out a long list of various allowances officials enjoy like : Entertainment allowance of 1500gh per month, Responsibility allowance 1500/month, Entertainment allowance 1500/month, Satellite TV allowance 500/month, Official Vehicle, Vehicle Loan, and many more.

The video has already received a lot of reactions from the public majorly people crying out of the ridiculousness of these various allowances as ween below

Your DSTV is paid and you get additional 1,500 as entertainment allowance. Is it for clubbing or what?


The privileged few must curb their insatiable appetite for more wealth to the detriment of the masses. We can’t claim to care for the poor when a few people have allocated these overly generous packages to themselves at the expense of the state.


Meanwhile salaries of workers have been stagnant for years awwww mother Ghana. I won’t be surprised if some of the E-Levy funds is channeled to these allowances. Hmmmm so how do we fight these inequalities


Until we review this burden called the 1992 constitution we are doomed


We Are Not Angry Enough In This Country. This Country Would Get Worse After Each ELECTION


Wickedness of the heart! Evil Human Beings! It’s as tho no leader in Ghana has common sense cuz it baffles my imagination to believe that pple enjoy all these benefits in a country like this and the majority wallows in abject poverty all in the name of democracy!!!


Watch the Video below

What do you think about these allowances. Is it okay to reward our leaders heavily for the public service they offer to us ? Or do you think it encourages them to be more gain-centered.

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