Ghana: Sefa announces ‘Homecoming Concert’ in Volta region

January 20, 2022
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Vocally skilled Ghanaian female afrobeat artist Safadzi Abena Amesu, known in the entertainment industry as Sefa, announced a big ‘Homecoming’ concert in the Volta Region on TV3’s NewDay show, with Cookie T.

According to Sefa, she realized that all the huge concerts are held in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. So, she has decided to tour some deprived regions in Ghana, together with her team. And other top artists just to give back to her ‘root’. She calls it ‘The Homecoming 22’.

She gave highlights of her Christmas period in the Northern region.

Sefa said, “During the Christmas period, we were playing a lot of shows. We were travelling to places. But nobody was doing it in the Volta region and the Northern region. I felt like that is where I come from. So I should just try something, so I went to Bolga, and I came back very recently.”

Her aim for the concert is to give back to her people. So she took advantage to avail herself for a concert in the Volta region. According to her, she wants to make them feel that they are not missing out in terms of entertainment because most of the great artists are from the Volta region.

She added, “I want to go to the Volta region. Go and try something there because everybody is complaining that they never give us the big shows in the city. They are always doing it in other towns. We just said ok. Let’s try and work something out. Let’s give them something they can also be happy about. Because they have a lot of artists that are doing amazing here in Accra. So why can’t we go back to the Volta region and give back to them.”

She concluded, “The concert is on January 28 in Ho sports stadium. And we have D-Black, Kofi Mole, Kofi Jamar, Mr Drew and many more.”