Ghana: Creative arts industry leaders are selfish and greedy – Kwesi Ernest


Music producer Ernest Kwesi Aning, popularly known as Dr Kwesi Ernest, has indicated that the government is not supporting the art industry because its leaders are selfish, individualistic and greedy.

Against the backdrop of the Black Stars performance at the African Cup of Nations, some entertainers have suggested that the showbiz sector can raise the flag of Ghana better than the Black Stars.

Reacting to this assertion, Kwesi Ernest told Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua FM’s Anigye Mmere show that no government will invest in a sector that is divided. He also describes the leaders of the creative arts industry as selfish people who only think about themselves and not the people they represent.

“The problem is we are too individualistic. Black Stars or football people will go to the government together.

“For example, they will say, we are going to the Afcon, we need 20 million dollars, and our leaders will give it to them outright. The reason is they come with one voice. Why can’t we do the same as musicians? Because we have leaders who are individualistic, greedy and selfish.”

Kwesi Ernest also alleged that there are Leaders in the art space who go to the Jubilee House to take money from the government without the knowledge of the others.

“Do you know how many people go to Jubilee house without you hearing about it? People go there to take money for themselves.
They will tell them, We’re using it for this and that.

“We are too individualistic. We don’t go there as a common front, and that’s the problem.”