Five Top Mukbangs on Morocco’s Coast with Muslim Convert ‘Bohemian Kitchen’


Agadir – Over 10 million tourists visit Morocco each year, leaving behind uncountable foodie videos on social media. One special tourist remains in many Moroccans’ hearts — Mino Al Bohemi of the “Bohemian Kitchen” channel. 

Mino loves Morocco too. Because, as he told Morocco World News (MWN), “Firstly … I became Muslim in Morocco, so I feel like it’s my second home. Secondly, food.”

Mino and his wife Amina have made dozens of YouTube videos chronicling their Moroccan food adventures. Here are the top five videos of the couple savoring delights from the north to the south of Morocco’s Atlantic Coast. 

Bohemian Kitchen is currently in Uzbekistan. From there, Milo told MWN, “I would love to eat Bissara if I’m in Morocco now.”

The ultimate street food in Casablanca

In cosmopolitan Casablanca, Mino visits no less than a dozen eateries, including a few international spots. In a Syrian patisserie, he lingers over several sweet treats. Mino also puts an end to the argument of whether sfinge is, or is not, breakfast food. While enjoying juicy camel burgers, he has a chance to try absinthe in his tea. 

The most unique food in Morocco: Agadir village food — Tagine and fishing trip

Visiting Aourir, the “Tagine capital” of the Agadir region, Mino and Amina enjoy mechoui before a saucy tagine and steamy Tafarnout bread. Of course, sweet bananas are for dessert, followed by collecting an enticing array of fresh seafood in Ait Tamir. And lots more eating!

Seafood market food tour in Essaouira

Let’s not squabble over where to enjoy the best seafood in Morocco. Instead, enjoy watching Mino pick from the plentiful selection and take in the sights as Essaouira was in 2020. 

We ate the whole city of Tangier!!

Need more seafood in your mukbang viewing? Tangier is the place. Plus juicy cheeseburgers and Indian-style clay barbeque. Mino and Amina wash it all down with Turkish tea and pasties.

Where is the best restaurant in Morocco?

Bohemian Kitchen ate their way across Morocco for two whole years. Viewers repeatedly ask what are the “best” restaurants and places to eat. 

No spoilers. Here are Mino and Amina’s “Bohemian Kitchen Awards” for their top five places to eat.

Bonus video: Healing tea with Moroccan ingredients

Mino and Amina stroll through nature, identifying foods that are cultivated and grow wildly. Along the way, they forage herbs for a healing tea.