Dr. Shaikha Fatimah Tagwai Aji Endorses “The Gambia Voice Business Summit & Awards 2022” In Banjul.

April 17, 2022
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Dr. Shaikha Fatimah Tagwai Aji is a medical professional of high reputation. She has over the years galvanized economic support to advance the course of Africa through her businesses and organizations. From her base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, she has thrown her weight behind the upcoming event “The Gambia Voice Business Summit/Awards 2022” The activities will commence from 18th to 20th August 2022 at Sir Dawda Jawara International Conference, Banjul, The Gambia.

Speaking via telephone conversation with the founder and publisher of The Voice publication, Ambassador Elvis Iruh, she renewed her commitment to again be part of the activities as she did in the previous event in Dubai. She assured the publisher that she will galvanize her entire network to participate in this year’s ceremonies in The Gambia.

“I am delighted to endorse your event for this year in the Gambia. I would work hard to ensure that you receive great participations from my network to this event as we did in Dubai last year. I personally recommend to our Diaspora friends to visit the Gambia to tap into in the vast opportunities abound in the country”, she stated.

According to her, “I have very close ties with the country and my sister is a top political figure in the Gambia; so I would be coming to join her for us to promote the Gambia to the world and ensure that more business interests are developed for the country.

While appreciating her commitment to The Voice publication, the publisher used the opportunity to wish her a very healthy birthday celebration which took place on 15th April 2022. Although low key, she was surrendered by her children with birthday cakes and best wishes. “Happy birthday to you Her Excellency. We pray for good health and more strength to continue the work of advancing African course to the global scene”.

Dr. Aji enjoys access at the highest levels to key decision makers in both public and private sectors globally, and especially in Africa. She has championed the building and strengthening of economic and political relationships between the emerging countries and economies of Africa and those of the more developed world. Her target has always been poverty reduction and capacity building through education and through the creation of employment opportunities to benefit particularly women and children.

She supports the promotion of information technology as a key tool for both social and business-to-business networking and this is an essential part of her mission. She is passionately determined to improve the quality of life for women in Africa and to create meaningful opportunities for all.

Dr. Aji was one of the first women to organize the All African First Lady Summit on peace, economic development, and the empowerment of women in Africa. She has used her impressive managerial skills to highlight and promote sustainable development in the poorest nations of Africa, and to highlight the impressive successes and achievements of those that are more prosperous. She is the Princess of support, encouragement, empowerment, and hope, for the woman of Peace. She is the very charismatic Chairperson and CEO of the H&HGT LLC Group of Companies, Executive President of “Voice of Women in Africa”, “Global Voice of Women Organization” and also the Vice President of International Organization for Economic Development –(IOED).

Dr. Aji is a recipient of about 30 international awards and numerous commendations and accolades, including the prestigious title of (Grand Order Of Africa) “Ambassador of the Renaissance African” at the World Council of Pan-African Organizations (PANAFRICA) in 2002, a meritorious tribute to her dynamism, many successes, and selfless sacrifices in pursuit of her life’s work. These recognitions serve to validate and underline the impressive Fellow Chartered Management Accountant of ICMA (CICMA) GLOBAL WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2015 –WE CARE FOR HUMANITY – WCH/UN success and the power of her vision for the assistance and support of the underprivileged. While contributing to building the social and economic systems and infrastructure necessary for sustainable societal development and wealth creation; and especially by setting up of more and easier access to micro-credit schemes to support small and medium scale projects in Africa. Her medical programs are for the prevention and treatment of HIV AIDS, STDs, and malaria. Last year she was recognized alongside the First Lady of The Gambia, Her Excellency, Mrs. Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow in Dubai, UAE.

Dr. Aji’s many business endeavours are for financing Humanitarian projects in Africa, to improve the lives of women, children and other philanthropic projects in Africa.