Confusion reigns in the border between Uganda and Rwanda


Confusion reigned on Monday at the border between Uganda and Rwanda after last week’s reopening announcement.

The border between the two countries has been closed since February 2019.

Rwandans however were complaining that they were not allowed to cross while Ugandans were also reporting delays at the Gatuna border post.

Even if the situation remains confusing, some welcomed the reopening.

“Everything is great, we thank the Lord that the border has reopened. It is really good that it has reopened and we are happy for that”, said Kassim, a Kenyan truck driver.

Trade between the two countries collapsed following the closure of the border in 2019 amidst mutual accusations of espionage and political meddling.

“We would lose a lot of our money, because we could not cross the border. Sometimes when you wanted to buy something you had to buy via mobile money otherwise they would buy you what you don’t want. Now we are happy that it has been resolved”, confessed Jean Marie Vianney Murwanashyaka, a Rwandan who lived in Uganda.

Ugandan authorities informed that priority was being given to trucks and that both countries were working on Covid protocols to be implemented.