China announces appointment of special envoy to Horn of Africa region


China’s foreign minister Wang Yi, met with Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday at the port of Mombasa where both leaders visited the multi-billion oil pipeline project being built on the coast.

The Chinese representative reaffirmed China’s commitment to peace in the region.

“Partners for peace in the region. We have close communication on the regional situation and hotspots in Africa. We will continue to have close communication and coordination at the UN Security Council and other platforms. We will continue to play an even bigger role for peace and stability in this region”, announced Wang Yi, Chinese foreign minister.

The visit takes place as China announced the appointment of a special envoy to the Horn of Africa region affected by conflict between Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Tigray region.

Kenya’s president expressed his belief in the future of the friendship between China and Africa.

“I believe that this is what we need. Kenya-Africa does not need lectures, Kenya-Africa needs friends willing to work with us to achieve our goals and our aspirations”, said Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta.

China is Africa’s biggest trading partner. According to official figures, direct trade between China and Africa reached over 220 bilion dollars in 2019.