Amerado and Delay rekindle dating rumours


On Monday, December 6, TV presenter and media personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso denied speculations that she is in a relationship with rapper Amerado.

In a post on Twitter, ‘Delay’, as she is popularly known, clarified that they are just friends. 

However, barely a week later on Sunday, December 12, some Ghanaians on Twitter cannot help but speculate that there is more to the relationship between the duo, due to a post by Amerado.

The rapper posted a selfie of ‘Delay’ on Twitter with heart emojis attached.

The post, which rekindled the months-long rumours that the two were dating, saw Twitter users pull up weeks-old tweets and Facebook posts of both ‘Delay’ and Amerado to justify their speculations.

Among the posts that have been reposted are Amerado’s “Age is just a number” which many believe refers to the age difference between the rapper who is 26 and the TV hostess who has turned 39.

And the photo ‘Delay’ posted on Twitter of herself and Amerado with heart emojis.

Another post social media users believe point to their relationship is Amerado’s “Delay doesn’t mean denial! Be patient – it will happen.”

Others believe ‘Delay’ was referencing Amerado when in one of her posts, she mentioned Nicki Minaj’s rap on DJ Khaled’s ‘Do You Mind’ “He ain’t messing with no average chick, pow pow. He got Deloris, he knows that he hit the jackpot.”

However, some people are on the fence about the rumoured relationship between the two, with many stating that Delay pointedly said she would not date someone as young as Amerado during their interview.

But, some users insist the two have something more than friendship going on.

Source: joyonline