Ambassador Elvis Iruh to participate at the 3rd AFRIFATA Festival in Morocco


The President/Editor-in-Chief of The Voice magazine based in the Netherland, Pastor Ambassador Elvis Iruh is honored to invite be invited as one of the international guests at the 3rd AFRIFATA edition of international Festival of African Fashion Talents which is being organized in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication of Morocco.


This widely publicized festival is taking place from May 4th to 7th, 2023 in RABAT; as part of RABAT African Capital of Culture UNDER THE HIGH PATRONAGE OF HIS ROYAL MAJESTY MOHAMMED VI may God assist him. The African Fashion Talents Festival (AFRIFATA) holds every year in Morocco and it is an event which aims to bring together the talents of the African continent and to tell our cultural history which resembles and brings all Africans together. Fashion Made in Africa was honored through Art and Design; young talents were able to present to the general public the extent of their know-how and their creative genius. The AFRIFATA festival has indeed enabled young creators to create
their commercial identity and exhibit their full talent during this unique event to a global audience.
As part of the aims and objectives of this festival is to:



1. Contribute to the promotion and influence of the fashion and design sector and encourage the development of South/South partnerships
between young talents around the world the values of tolerance and acceptance of others.
2. Significantly to increase the contribution of the fashion and design sector to economic growth and job creation on the continent. According to the organizers, they are using this festival to tell our stories together and display our cultural history and strengthen our ties. Finally, to encourage our young people to undertake their stage and place in Africa as the continent of the now and the future.

Also on the program as Chief Guest is Her Excellency, Ambassador Laila Rahhal El Atfani, a global businesswoman and the Vice –President of the
Voice magazine with base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Watch out for the coverage of this great festival in the coming issues of your favourite magazine, The Voice magazine.